Fortumo office interior redesign project in Tartu, Estonia.
We decided to give the space a little green in the city, jungle a little their concrete and create their own urban organic bureau, that they could occasionally daydream while sitting behind their office desks about sitting in the backyard of their country house, pushing toes in the grass…

With the fresh-airy-concept we went with the idea of a tree house, using timber boarding on the facade of the Skype-rooms, which are situated casually in the middle of the spacious room. As the treehouse is secret place for children to get some peace and quiet, the Skype-rooms in this office space almost serve the same purpose as well for making skype-calls.

Glass dividing walls, big windows and overall opened space were the source of light and airy ambient creating light corridors. On the glass walls was used matte glass stickers of birch tree trunks to complement the treehouse concept.

The carpet were chosen in light and dark green and sophisticated grey colour to give the floor movement, bionic feeling and to divide space into different sections.


Materials/ timber boarding, glass walls, matte glass stickers, carpet tiles


Client/ Fortumo webpage
Year/ 2012



In collaboration/ Kromo Disain