Apartment’s roomplan reconstruction and interior furnishing project of a three-room into an artsy studio apartment on Faehlmanni street in milieu valuable area Kadriorg, Tallinn Estonia.


This apartment’s owner is an intelligent art lover with refined taste and the greatest idea was to open up the space to showcase the painting collection. Owner’s lifestyle also didn’t require three rooms, so we torn down some walls and turned it into a studio. The apartment is situated toward east-south, so we won a lot natural light and gave the art pieces also a point of perspective.


Materials/ marble imitation floor tiles, dark wooden sun blinds, black glass electrical outlets & switches, invisible doors, wooden rib suspended ceiling, art-deco styled cabinets, matte grey glass kitchen cabinets


Client/ private
Year/ 2016
Press/ Diivan Magazine 2017


Photos/ Sadu-Triste Juurikas
Bespoke furniture / Vivid Design Gallery