Its a delightfully innovative and quirky Coral Vase 50 Tulips that inspired by nature is sure to further inspire your modern interior. Use for tall bright coloured flowers to truly allow a pop of style in any room of your home or simply use to decorate the living room or kitchen space. With endless Dutch design its sure to become a favourite in the home.

Brand : Pols Potten
Designer : Norman Trapman

Pols Potten
Dutch design has reached an epiphany. Products that speak for themselves whether for home or office, the fanciful world of Pols Potten certainly has what you are looking for. Carpet Pebbles Rug and a large or small Lounge Pouf, decorate your home with any of the numerous collections of vases : Shangai or Hong Kong… and for dinner try the fanciful presentation plates: Mice, Gun or Apples. See for yourself, what are you waiting for? Pols Potten has anything you never thought you would need!

Norman Trapman
He graduated from the Royal Academy of Art & Design in Den Bosch in 1974. Norman and studio pp go back for years and over the course of time they developed numerous successful products. Most famous design is probably the series of coral shaped vases. Norman has one design philosophy, he doesn’t like boundaries!