Block 2 Industrial Lampshade by Henry Pilcher

The frame encases a shade and offers a series of platforms for the light to be angled in different directions. Block’s geometric frame is made from timber struts and CC aluminium plates that are fixed together with black Chicago screws.

It takes its name from an abandoned warehouse in WA where the original industrial shade was found.

The design turns the classic industrial lampshade into a playful, dynamic lighting feature – encasing it in a geometric timber frame.

The unique icosahedron frame allows the light to be positioned on one of 20 bases, providing versatile light play in any room.

The product’s name rises from the warehouse in which the original shade was found – Block 2. The frame is a combination of ash timber struts, held together with colour-matched custom aluminium brackets and Chicago screws.

The shades are spun in aluminium to replicate the found original and are available in 5 colours: black, white, red, blue and green.

Neither a pendant, nor conventional floor lamp, Block 2 can be stacked or arranged in countless ways to suit any space.