KOLO – cylindrical light objects, changing light intensity under a touch.
Here is a lighting set, created by Polish designer Pani Jurek, together with an architect, Piotr Musialowski.

Through tactile play with the object, those two lamps – KOLO Magnet and KOLO Sand – allow adjusting the light intensity to the needs and moods of its user.

KOLO Sand works like an hourglass. After moving mechanism upside down, the sand is slowly covering the light circle and the brightness is slowly fading. Falling sand, accompanied by gentle murmur, creates mesmerizing drawings. The lamp is ideal for those who do not like to sleep in the darkness. Sloping the lamp to the side position can stop the process of falling sand.
One circle of sand falling – around 15 minutes
Technical data: diameter 55 cm (40 cm + 15 cm), LED, 5 Watt, 440 Lm, European plug
Material: plywood, acrylic glass, glass sand
Info: http://www.panijurek.pl/en/objects/178-kolo-sand.html

KOLO magnet – Lightly sliding a magnetic disc on the surface of the light circle of KOLO Magnet opens a spectrum of the light effects. It let to manage the light intensity from the full brightness to the dim. Compositions made by the user resemble astronomical phenomena.
Technical data: diameter 40 cm, LED, 3,5 Watt, 240 Lm, European plug
Material: plywood, acrylic glass, magnet
Info: http://www.panijurek.pl/en/objects/177-kolo-magnet.html

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