Estelon‘s Major Statement, The Extreme Loudspeaker. Extreme, perhaps when fully extended at 2m and certainly in price 170,000 EUR a pair.

Estelon Extreme us a brainchild of Estonian designer Alfred Vassilkov, who describes it as the culmination of 30 years of research.

The speaker’s frequency range is claimed to be 20Hz-45kHz, power rating 500W, nominal impedance 4 ohms, and sensitivity 91dB/2.83V. Designed for large rooms, its remote-controlled height adjustability, which ranges from 1770mm to 2070mm.

The Exteme‘s design is that it is built of two modules. The upper module allows the speaker to be adjustable by user for optimizing the sound in regard of room specifics (speaker height is changeable from 177 to 207 cm). The two module design also isolates the high, medium and mid-bass drivers from the vibration that the lower positioned bass drivers provide. Symmetrically arranged bass drivers work in equal conditions, which results in outstanding bass performance. To achieve the maximum performance, the listener can also adjust the tweeter to his listening position.

The design features best components available, including new aluminum woofers (2 x 10″) and mid-woofer (10″), ceramic midrange (7″) and diamond tweeter (1,5″), all custom designed by Accuton.

Suggested retail price in Europe 170 000 EUR.

Estelon Extreme has received 2015 CES “Best of Innovation” Award.

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Technical Specifications
Woofer: 2×10” Aluminium dome
Mid-Woofer: 10” Aluminium dome
Midrange: 7” Ceramic inverted dome
Tweeter: 1,5” Diamond inverted dome
Frequency Response: 20-45 000 Hz
Power Rating: 500 W
Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity: 91 dB/2,83 V

Height: 1770 mm – 2070 mm
Width: 790 mm
Depth: 820 mm
Net Weight: 250 kg per loudspeaker