Children and adults alike fall in love with the sympathetic characters of Moomin Valley as created by the author Tove Jansson.

The Arabia artist Tove Slotte has designed the delightful Moomin objects in keeping with the original drawings.

Manufacturer: Arabia
Design: Tove Slotte
Size: 0,3 L
Material: Ceramic
Notes: Oven and dishwasher safe

Arabia has been a pioneer of Finnish design for over 130 years. Arabia’s product selection consists of popular tableware and design gifts. The highly appreciated Arabia is known for its timeless and distinctive design, but also for its functionality that emerges from Arabia’s truly consumer-oriented spirit.

Arabia has a special place in Finnish lives and hearts: Year after year, Arabia tops the charts when it comes to the most appreciated Finnish brands. Arabia’s most famous product line of all time is Kilta by Kaj Franck, later re-named as Teema. Franck’s Kilta revolutionized the tableware market with its rational and versatile design. Today, Teema is part of Iittala’s collections.

Tove Slotte
She is well known for her ceramic illustrations for Arabia turning the much loved Moomin characters by creator Tove Jansson into porcelain creations. In keeping with Tove Jansson’s original illustrations, Slotte has been drawing Moomins onto Arabia objects since the beginning of the 1990s introducing the Moomins into our everyday lives.

The Moomins have always been close to Slotte’s heart articulating “I think everyone should enjoy a little close dose of Moomin philosophy everyday”. The Moomin Mug Family firmly supports this notion.