Candlesticks from danish hand-made ceramics company Höganäsgruppen

Höganäsgruppen candlesticks are all hand-sculpted by Sofia Nilsson.
Glamorous in gold and platinum or sober and mystical in black they are works of art with or without candles in them.

When Sofia was ten years old she painted a large sign with the legacy ”Pottery Workshop” and posted it on the wall in her bedroom. So the calling came very early for this very respected ceramic artist working out of the quaint city of Ängelholm. Her unique, beautiful and intriguing pieces have a broad range of admirors.

”Ideas come from the strangest places. I once had a dream that I was at an amazing art show where I saw a fascinating and beautiful sculpture. Upon awakening, I immediately sketched it from memory and now, I have managed to re-create it in clay!”

For Höganäsgruppen, Sofia has created elegantly hand-sculpted, roughly elliptical dinnerware with equally beautiful roughly circular side plates. Each individual piece differs greatly from the other, making the series unique in more senses than one. Sofia has also hand-sculpted candlesticks in two different designs in pure gold and platinum as well as both shiny and gunpowder black.