Mural Art in Lisbon, second phase by Erica Il Cane and Lucy McLauchlan

Remember the amazing “Urban Street splash: first phase” by Os Gémeos, BLU and SAM3 a few months ago?

For the second phase of the CRONO project, Erica Il Cane and Lucy Mclauchlan were invited to Lisbon, Portugal to put their spin on the same old building.

The results are fantastic!

Erica Il Cane
She makes etchings, graphic art, street art (most notably in collaboration with street artist Blu as demonstrated in this video), animations, sculptures, installations, tattoos and loads of drawings. Inspired by Victorian children’s illustrations, the works are often macabre but never sad. They depict animals dressed like human in surreal situations.

Lucy McLauchlan
She is a contemporary artist from Birmingham, England. She is part of the “Beat 13!” collective. She works with markers, pen or paint, in black & white, on surfaces as varied as paper, motor vehicles and buildings. Her work features recurring motifs, one of which is birds and faces. Her work is usually in mono tone or with basic colours such as red.