Take a look behind the scene, people and machine together to create our very innovative 3D product.

Wood-Skin is a product of Wood-Skin S.r.l.s. The Company was established in 2013 to perform applied research on complex surface geometry and material technologies. Our aim is to use traditional techniques in innovative ways, incorporating technology to achieve new possibilities in building and design.

The first of a family of material systems conceived for complex forms, Wood-Skin® highlights the research team’s dedication to digital fabrication processes and innovative material solutions. The team’s competencies span architecture and design projects, research and innovation, and external consultancy.

Wood Skin S.r.l.s. follows a ‘lean business model’ (Eric Ries, 2011). At present, production is being carried out in Milan with the possibility of outsourcing through partnerships with production facilities world-wide to reduce shipping costs whilst maintaining a high quality finish for the product.

The parametric nature of this material and the company’s custom digital fabrication process affords both small and large orders using the same modus operandi while remaining flexible to the specific needs of our global customer base.

In order to investigate new materials, interaction technology, digital fabrication, and software design, Wood-Skin S.r.l.s. has developed partnerships with leading experts across a wide range of industries. This multi-disciplinary approach allows the team to create custom solutions for unique design challenges.

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