The AMB House is situated on the coast of São Paulo, Guarujá City in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. Only one of the three floors of the house is seen from the street because the terrain has accentuated slopes, that give different views of an almost untouched natural landscape.


The most common situation, where the rooms are upstairs and social rooms are downstairs, was reversed on the design of this residence. The entrance of the house is a hall that serves as a mezzanine overlooking the double ceiling living room with proximally 6m heigh and wood frame glass windows with a view looking at the swimming pool and the forest. In the lateral of the hall, the balcony outside is surrounded by large wooden bench, serving as a protection.

Downstairs is the intimate area with five suites. The strategy of reversing the usual array of social and intimate area is what makes the rooms, those that even overlooking the sea, have the privacy afforded by the trees.

The house can be called the balcony house with large glass panels that allow visual contact with the surrounding areas of the residence and the natural landscape of the region. The windows of the rooms have wooden Cumarú wood shutters. In the living room two bamboo plants sprout from the middle of the floor, bringing the forest into the house.

This is how the house shows its relationship with the local landscape, barely visible through the dense forest in the access road, but it grows and can be seen on the other side along with the view of the coastline and the stunning tropical forest.


Jacobsen Arquitetura